DPH500 GSM Desk Phone

Whilst the Westlake® DPH500 GSM Destop Phone is not an IP Telephone it is the ideal desk phone to deploy as an alternative when you don’t have the convenience of VoIP, Ethernet, WiFi or Internet services to deploy an IP Phone solution but need a simple, reliable and easy to operate telephone solution.


Simply insert a 2G Network SIM Card into the SIM card slot in the base of the DPH500 GSM Desk Phone, connect the mains power and you now have a mobile phone in the guise of a desk phone.  If you want to make a call, then lift the handset and dial your number (including area code just like you do with a mobile phone) and you can use the DPH500 just like a normal two piece desk phone.

DPH500 GSM Desk Phone

Unattended Reception Phone

You can configure the DPH500 to dial a single number when the handset is lifted – this means that you could leave this GSM Desktop Phone in an unattended reception or location and visitors can simply lift the handset and the phone will call the programmed number.  Whilst in this mode (which is called baby call mode) the DPH500 will not let the user dial any other telephone numbers.

DPH500 For GSM Taxi Phone Installation

Using the Baby Call feature which is also known as Hot Dial, the DPH500 GSM Phone can also be used as a GSM Taxi Phone so could be placed in reception areas of hotels, pubs, clubs or shops so that visitors to those premises could lift the handset and dial the taxi operator to arrange a private hire taxi thus generating extra business for the taxi company that deploys the taxi phone.

Westlake DPH500 is the original version of this popular, low cost GSM Desk Phone – there are many companies that try to imitate the design and features but make sure that you buy the original and best DPH500® GSM Desk Phone – look for the DPH500® Trademark to know you are purchasing from an authorised dealer.