Fanvil C400 Enterprise Colour IP Phone


The Fanvil C400 IP Video Phone brings in brand new easy operation concepts and strategies targeting broadening the deployment of IP phones.

The C400 is built with the latest Freescale Core Quad solutions, 7″ Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen, Video Camera (C600), and Android 4.2 platform. A desktop phone, unlike a traditional IP Phone, offers One-Touch Call Function. C400 brings in the concept of user profile which can be stored on individual DSS key assignment and preference up to 100 users. User can easily operate, update and change her/ his profile by simple key pressing.

c400 Fanvil


  • Google Android 4.2
  • 7″ Capacitor Multiple Touch Screen
  • One-Touch Call Function
  • Agit mapping and group parameter configuration.
  • DSS Key assignment and Dial Plan

Dial plan is an important tool that users can be easy deleting, adding the prefix code of different carriers and can process the call easily. Fanvil enhances this capability via Agit mapping and group parameter configuration. User can process the call without any changing of common dialing way. Fanvil is also planning to launch a cloud service and provide online phone software upgrade, data and provision, especially DSS Key assignment and Dial Plan in the different group phone. Before this cloud service, Fanvil is launching a window base Auto provision of parameters and data.

To enhance three party conferencing, Fanvil has a feature called Join Conference Meeting. People can easily join the call with the host party by pressing a key. For sure that C400 is designed for the highest standards with focus on customer needs and to further facilitate its adoption in the market.